Manage & Maintain


Communeteer provides a platform from which organizations can manage their volunteer communities, efficiently, saving time and money

Empower & Retain Volunteers
Boost volunteer satisfaction and elevate their level of commitment with the Communeteer platform
Monitor & Analyze
Communeteer enables simple benchmarking, measurement, and analysis of volunteer activities and impacts
Enhance Volunteer Community
Communeteer allows for seamless communication between volunteers, managers and the volunteer community, bringing your social investments to the next level of cross-fertilization


As part of our cooperation with the 8200 non-profit, Intel was happy to try out this innovative platform, unique to Israei at a world class level that harnesses innovative technology to manage and measure community involvement, collection of quantitative and qualitative measurements from volunteers in order to improve their social involvement, retain and empower volunteers.

Revital Bitan

Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Intel Israel

The Communeteer platform has enthused and motivated our team and volunteers and opened them up to a new world of communication. Incentives and group sharing encourage the volunteers to report and the platform provides the option to receive regular reports on developments on the ground. The system is convenient and accessible and tailored exactly to our needs. We all benefit from the service, and of course the real winners are obviously the children to whom we are able to give better service."

Dorit Weshler Professional Manager "Big Brother Big Sisters"

  Communeteer successfully solved a major issue in volunteering management solutions - building a communities that communicates fluently while sharing good experience as well as challenges. The volunteerism become more social, from a private experience to group empowering journey. Above all, it is a friendly service, supplying smart analytics , a perfect solution for each one

Ido Shapira,

Community relationship manager,

Magshimim -Cyber plan,

Rashi Foundation 



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Next Generation Volunteer Management

Volunteer management will never be the same again. Communeteer is an innovative cloud-based service to manage sustainable volunteer programs that engages, empowers and retains volunteers.

Communeteer can be used by any organization that manages volunteers, be it Non-Profit, Corporates, Communities and Educational Institutions.


Communeteer’s Founders believe that volunteers are a precious resource that organizations should nurture and cultivate over time.


Communeteer brings volunteers together in online communities, building volunteer solidarity and commitment to volunteering projects. The easy to use system enables personalized feedback and interaction using Gamification models. In addition, the Communeteer platform follows volunteer participation and volunteers are recognized for their progress and dedication.


Liat Chin,

Founder & CEO

Communeteer provides the framework for all volunteers to become active participants, support fellow volunteers, receive the recognition they deserve and thereby become empowered to drive the greatest social impact.

Volunteer leaders and organization management enjoy the benefits of a service that keeps them in touch with what’s going on in the field.

Updates, experiences and data are entered by the volunteers themselves, bringing volunteer leaders’ attention to any issues that need to be attended to.

Volunteer activities are benchmarked, measured, and analyzed demonstrating the organization's positive impact on communities.

Communteer views volunteering as a life long journey, a S O C I A L  J O U R N E Y.

The Communteer platform is a keepsake for each of its volunteers – it grows with each volunteer and stays with each volunteer…A collection of those special moments, that empower each volunteer to do good, to do more.

There’s a volunteer in every one of us.

Lets make every contribution count.

A new revolutionary service that is changing the face of volunteer management by enabling volunteer communities.